‘Crosswords’ by the Editorial: When in Ceylon

‘Crosswords’ by the Editorial: When in Ceylon

For this week’s puzzle all you need is to just tap in to your inner Sri Lankan. Grab a pencil and solve away.


4.A place known for its intricate woodwork, and the wood itself was sourced from an abandoned royal audience hall

5.The place of pineapples

6.Tallest self supported structure in South Asia’s

7.One of the peaks of the Hanthana mountain range

10.South Asia’s best natural harbour

12. The place where a son betrayed his father


1.The Bridge on the River Kwai

2.An ancient natural landscape named after a monk

3.The Buddha is said to have visited this place 9 months after he was enlightened

8.Baby elephants are in abundance here

9.6th century Christian cross found in Anuradhapura

11.This place was built by a Chinese owned company and is also named after its location’s postal address


Clues can be down or across

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