Hypothesis Testing

Hypothesis Testing

If one were to hypothesize that a combination of creative individuals who work as a team while supporting each other sincerely, leads to sustainable outcomes, I would look to the RotaractArts’ Editorial team for observations. This may come off as a bold and pompous claim from a person I’m sure most of you reading this have barely interacted with. But I stand by this notion for several reasons (and the very Statistical title) which is what I hope to elaborate on in the paragraphs to follow. 

My journey with the Editorial began when Rtr. Vibhath Jayasinghe and Rtr. Janidu Wijeybandara took a chance on my first-ever publication for the Editorial on climate justice. If I were to read it now, I’d cringe a lot, but it was their faith in me and constant encouragement that brought me here with my Co-Editor Tharini (who was my partner in crime in this endeavor). Joining the Editorial at the onset, I had zero expectations or need to hold a position within the club let alone the Co-Editor. But the guidance was a source of motivation to express myself creatively while knowing that there will be a community to interact with it. That thought cumulated to me realizing that I too want to make a change by being the Co-Editor should the opportunity come along. Accepting our president Gethmi’s request to be Co-Editor was an exciting undertaking, given that it was something relatively new to me. Additionally, my principle of not wanting to work with my closest friends was something that loomed in my head. It is safe to say, nearly 365 days after, this opportunity has proven that principle wrong. Before I go down that emotional path, I need to make a few acknowledgments and thank several key people.

This year’s Editorial accomplished all that it did from the foundation laid by our former Co-Editors Vibhath and Janidu. I know we’ve thanked you both several times, but it still doesn’t feel enough. Hence why there’s a lunch out awaiting on the horizon. Our vision for this year’s editorial was an extension and bow to the work accomplished before us. In my opinion, the Editorial’s greatest milestone this year was being able to publish content in both English, Sinhala, and Tamil. Tharini and I wanted to truly embody the diversity of our faculty through the Editorial. This was a starting point to engage with a diverse pool of writers. While the Co-Editors managed English and Sinhala editing, our external Tamil editors, Lughadarini Yogarajah and Abinaya Sritharan, and our internal editor Rtr. Fathima Rismina supported us by giving much-needed feedback and enthusiasm. For that, I’d like to extend my sincere thanks. Other thanks go out to all the Rotaractors who assisted the Editorial with captions and content translations at any given time. Your work emulated what it means to be inclusive and proved why language rights are a factor that is of utmost importance in Sri Lanka now more than ever. Implementing this was not easy, but I believe that the hard work paid off for the greater good. I hope in time to come, this will be normalized across our university and by extension our country so that more will feel included and motivated to pursue what they aspire to do. 

To the Editorial team – Editing your creative work has been an absolute privilege and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for trusting me with that task along with Tharini. In some instances, I would tear up reading articles while editing because of how moved I was upon reading them. The reason why we managed to execute fun, scary, inspiring, and unique initiatives was because of your enthusiasm and dedication. I know that some of you may feel your writing isn’t good enough or that writing isn’t for you, that I’d like to respond by para-quoting Auguste Gusteau from the Pixar movie Ratatouille in saying that “ANYONE CAN WRITE!” In your brief time at UOC, know that it is OK to make mistakes and OK to try out something that you aren’t comfortable with. Each and everyone in the team has the potential to create and do great things provided you have the right attitude. 

To the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee – my sincere thank you to everyone who supported the Editorial’s endeavors by giving suggestions on how to improve and even sending us your writing despite the workload in the club. I’m grateful to everyone I got close to during this year, and I sincerely appreciate those of you who were there for me during the tough times. 

To the incoming Co-Editors Rtr. Kusali Rupasinghe and Rtr. Sajani Jayasinghe (or Kusani and Sajali) – I got to know the both of you through the Editorial and my first aunty impressions were that you are cool, punny, insanely creative, and have a habit of apologizing for absolutely no reason. Furthermore, both of you have the potential to do so much, not just as Editors but in any other work more than you know. Though my side gig of being a Yoda will continue, I’d like to reiterate a few things. Firstly, always work with a positive mindset and just have fun with whatever you do (don’t let it turn into a chore), and it’s alright even IF you fail. This is part of your learning curve and don’t forget to enjoy the journey and not just the destination. I am proud and privileged to call you both my friends and that is one of the greatest accomplishments I have from being the Co-Editor. I am excited to see what initiatives are in store for the Editorial in the upcoming year and always know that Tharini and I got your back. I can safely say that the Editorial is in the hands of two visionaries with a knack for making change. 

It takes a village to make anything a success, and in that light, I’d like to thank everyone in my personal life who I love and care about the most. To my immediate family and best friends thank you (you know who you are) for being my biggest cheerleaders and critiques. Though you may undervalue your role in this endeavor, I’m grateful for all the times that were dedicated to reading random articles I sent you, the graphics on which you gave feedback, and the countless times you calmed me down when frustration clouded my mind. Everything I am I owe it to you.

I must save the best for last and this massive thank you goes out to my fellow Co-Editor and partner in crime Rtr. Tharini Ratwatte, also known as TT. I know I generally make this fact of you sound creepy, but this time around I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sliding into my WhatsApp PMs in our first ever Editorial meeting. The conversation that started about classical music and piano festivals grew into an encyclopedia of topics and continues to evolve into both sensical and nonsensical things. Initially, I was scared about deterring our friendship by working together but I was proven wrong. It has truly been a privilege and honor to work with you on this journey. You have always been the calm, composed one from both of us, who sometimes transfigures into a Dory from Finding Nemo. From our long meetings on Google Meets and chaotic moments figuring out things, venting, going into an existential crisis, and simply just having fun while working, my primary cause of survival within the club is credited to you. I must also mention your ultra fanatism of Bridgerton, Disney, Taylor Swift, good-looking men of the Victorian Era, and the constant need to eat vegetables only to follow that up with a Chocolate Biscuit Pudding, which became a conversational norm for us both. Tharini is one of the most humble, smart, and hardworking individuals you will have the privilege of knowing. Her attention to detail, creativity, and ability to make any dull sentence sound ‘Shakespearean’ was paramount to the functioning of the Editorial. But more than anything else, the best part of being friends with Tharini is that she is a good listener, she always got your back while turning into a Master Oogway when the need arises. Both of us joined the Editorial as total strangers and we leave with a friendship for a lifetime. I am thankful to you for making life in uni and in general a little less chaotic. Here’s to a lifetime of trying out new food, traveling, surviving, and having fun. 

Each year the Editorial brings about a new wave of change and this year I am confident that we accomplished what we set out for at the start. To all the creative individuals who are hoping to join the Editorial, I hope you will find the Editorial to be your haven to share your thoughts and grow as a person in time to come. The Editorial continues to be a platform that brings together unique and creative individuals with the aim of making their community a better place through the power of writing. 

In conclusion, this establishes my hypothesis.

I’d like to end with a few lyrics from the song “I Lived” by One Republic to anyone who may need it.

“Hope when you take that jump, you don’t fear the fall.

Hope when the water rises, you built a wall…

The only way you can know, You Give it all you have”

Rtr. Shihara Ferdinando


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