‘Crosswords’ by the Editorial: A Novel Idea

‘Crosswords’ by the Editorial: A Novel Idea

Hope you did your reading as kids Rotaractors, because you’re going to need it to solve this weeks crossword – ‘A Novel Idea’. Grab your pencils and get cracking!


2. Everyone read at least one of her stories as children

4. The book which made us realise Martin Wickramasinghe secretly had a thing for cows being murdered

5. The best of friends

7. Everyones favourite cousins who solve mysteries

8. Alice through the looking glass is based on a game of __

11. Nanda is forced to marry this person since Piyal was of a low caste


1. The ultimate question of life the universe and everything according to the Hitchhikkers Guide to the Galaxy

3. The only real book Joey (from Friends) ever read

6. The Village in the jungle

9. One of the founders of Hogwarts

10. Country of origin of the cartoonist and creator of Tintin comics

Use the clues to fill in the words above.

Words can go across or down.

Letters are shared when the words intersect.

Drop your answers in the comments section below!


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