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‘Crosswords’ by the Editorial: State-ing the obvious

In this weeks edition of Crosswords by the Editorial, you're going to need to use your expertise in geography and general trivia! Across 3. The internet domain extension for this country is the abbreviation for television 4. Recent most Royal wedding took place in this country 5. Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom was filmed in this country 7. Fastest sinking city in the world is located in this country 9. The first country to grow coffee commercially 10. Beneath the capital city of this country holds the remains of nearly 6 million people 12. The lesser known 'Bula' shirts are popular in this country Down 1. Lego was invented in this country 2. The only place in the…

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‘Crosswords’ by the Editorial: A Novel Idea

Hope you did your reading as kids Rotaractors, because you're going to need it to solve this weeks crossword - 'A Novel Idea'. Grab your pencils and get cracking! Across 2. Everyone read at least one of her stories as children 4. The book which made us realise Martin Wickramasinghe secretly had a thing for cows being murdered 5. The best of friends 7. Everyones favourite cousins who solve mysteries 8. Alice through the looking glass is based on a game of __ 11. Nanda is forced to marry this person since Piyal was of a low caste Down 1. The ultimate question of life the universe and everything according to the Hitchhikkers Guide to the Galaxy 3. The only…

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