‘Crosswords’ by the Editorial: A Cinematic Narrative

‘Crosswords’ by the Editorial: A Cinematic Narrative

Hope you binged some movies over the holidays Rotaractors, because you’re going to need it to solve this weeks crossword – ‘A Cinematic Narrative’. Grab your pencils and get cracking!


1. A style of night wear and also a movie set during the world war.

4. Your family friendly musical that everyone is bound to have heard of.

6. The 2015 Disney remake

8. A Sri Lankan production which depicts the story of 3 men who transport a woman who died from rape, in an old van.

9. A movie about invading dreams.

11. A fantasy movie about plastic

12. The studio that bought over George Lucas’ creation


2. the official composer for most movies by the House of Mouse.

3. Princess Mia’s grandmother

5. A person is in high ___s when they consume excessive ___s.

7. The studio responsible for Hereditary, Everything Everywhere All at Once, and Midsomer.

10. A famous Telegu movie about a revolutionary officer in the British forces.

Use the clues to fill in the words above.

Words can go across or down.

Letters are shared when the words intersect.

Drop your answers in the comments section below!


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