When in Vietnam

When in Vietnam

Food has always been a source of comfort, joy, and peace for me. I love food. It is a fact I realized, as I self-discovered that good food impresses me more than handsome men. If love is a crime, then loving food would be the most frequent crime I will commit in my life. I am not some food expert or gourmet or a food critique that has tasted hundreds of dishes in my life. However, I believe I’ll do justice to review some food that I came to love while trying new things. I stand by my words when it comes to appreciating things I like. If food was a religion, then I am a devout follower or if food was a gender, then it would be my beloved because of my efforts to woo him.

Last month I visited one of the bucket lists places in my restaurant list. It is Vietnam Pho – Vietnamese Restaurant in Rosmead Place, Colombo. That day my excitement at the thought of eating authentic Vietnam food as I was reaching the restaurant was equal to a teenager meeting her idol for the first time. My heart was fluttering for the food reviews and their pictures. As I entered the restaurant it was not much crowded because I went there before the dinner time. As time passed by, tables began filling up with people. Firstly, their food is not cheap, but are fairly priced.

One thing to remember very well while eating Vietnam food is that while making food Vietnamese people do not add many spices like Sri Lankans. Therefore, most dishes come in with their original and raw taste Ergo for many it might be bland. Therefore, you will find a similar basket in each of the tables filled with bottles of soy sauce, Vietnam vinegar, sriracha sauce and chili paste. These are common condiments to adjust taste of the food. Out of all the food, I chose three dishes to review in this article.

Pork Buns – It was the best and fluffiest bun I have ever held in my hands. They served it in a petite wooden steaming container. Inside were the warm buns. As you break into the bun there is a juicy pork filling. Those who do not like pork filling have the option of chicken filling. I recommend adding a little bit soy sauce to adjust its taste. As you tear them apart it is as if tearing a cotton ball apart, very soft. They are the cutest appetizers one can ask for.

Pho – To describe the importance of Pho to Vietnamese, in short it is like rice and curry for Sri Lankans. If you are a food enthusiast, you must be aware in Vietnam from households to street stalls Pho is a very popular and common dish. It comprises flat rice noodles, beef or chicken, clear and light broth, herbs, lime, and scallions. Herbs are offered on the side, so the choice to add them is for the individual to decide. When eating food like Pho which has a broth, here is a tip, I previously received from a Japanese ramen house. “Don’t go on drinking the broth first. Start with the noodles and then drink the broth. Otherwise, your stomach would be too full to eat all the noodles.” It was served hot. The bowl of Pho was aromatic and pleasing to the eyes. The noodles were al dente. Meat would just melt down in your mouth as it was made into perfection. If you prefer light soups this broth would easily seduce you. It is a pure bowl from food heaven

Vietnamese Coffee – This was particularly special since I had never seen a coffee being served with its strainer. They give you a glass set with the coffee strainer above it, which is still hot. The brewed coffee is slowly dripping into the cup from the strainer. The aroma of it simply divine. I love coffee and it was definitely one of the most bitter yet tasty coffees. When you feel like there is too much fat in your body this would just cut right through that. You do have the option of adding sugar, so it will not hurt your stomach.

What is the most attractive fact about a restaurant other than food? That would be customer service and hospitality. The waiters and owner herself were very pleasant and friendly. As I watched her communicating with a group of Chinese people who were ordering hotpot in the next table, she was very polite and accommodating to their requests. Everyone was having a good time eating delicious food. for those of you who are vegan there are many options to choose from. I was glad that food was above my expectations because I’d hate to pay more for food that only looks fancy on the outside and tastes terrible on the inside. I hope everyone can try Vietnamese food at least once in their lifetime. I recommend visiting there with either family or group of friends. The restaurant has a comfy and friendly vibe which allows you to relax and dine in.

Rtr. Jayani Herath

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